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WhizzArk is committed to meeting the Online Marketing needs of our Clients. Using our applications, our customers see significant benefits in terms of the throughputs. We have a strong team of Web Developers and we had done projects for clients in US, Gemany, UAE and India. Clients choose us because of our track record and our commitment towards services.

We work with you to produce application to manage your business procedures and provide you with an online presence that allows your clients to communicate with you directly, whether it be placing orders or just viewing the progress of the work you undertake for them. We stay ahead of the latest technology and as a result you receive a product that meets your expectations.

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We believe that TRUST and a STRONG relationship with our clients and partners is crucial to the success of any venture. It is a fundamental principle that we, at WhizzArk, carry on with all of our projects, regardless of the size, type, environment, or the skill level of your workforce.

Our Consultants

As every company encounters their own challenges, we offer an extensive array of services which can be tailored to the specific needs of the client. Our consulting team has the domain expertise, strategic thinking and hands-on skills to help you find the right IT solutions to meet your business requirements.

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Our Approach

We rely upon an inherent set of Rapid Application Development principles in order to ensure that your custom development project will be completed on time and on budget.

Phased Deliveries
By breaking down the overall development plan into components and services, we can focus on the most important functionality first and then work our way through the entire project. By prototyping the project in smaller segments, we can focus on optimizing each module independently. Using this method allows for easier project development and schedule tracking.
Make constant application deliveries
We have found that the best way to ensure that a project is on track is to create and deliver individual segments of code and functionality. This allows the client to maintain a better idea of the application functionality and project progress. The client is not left in the dark to wonder how the development process is going or what the software will look like.
Create excellent specifications
One of the best practices in any application development is to create well thought through and detailed specifications for the development team. As a result of our iterative prototyping process, we are able to create accurate and detailed application specifications, this results in more stable application and fewer instances of scope and schedule creep.
Constant user interaction
We maintain an extremely high level of interaction and work in collaboration with our web development customers. By delivering small chunks of functionality and business processes on a continual basis, we are able to quickly and effectively incorporate our clients’ suggestions and design considerations. This results in a much greater End-user adoption when the application is implemented in the business.
Regular communication and review
By keeping our clients involved in the entire RAD process, we are able to stick to a schedule, create great application, and please end-users. Our RAD process results in improved productivity, enabled collaboration, and a simplified process of custom application development.